Our Guide to the Folyères Run

Our Guide to the Folyères Run


One of the great joys of skiing is the fantastic scenery of the mountains. However, while every resort in the Alps will offer great panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks, individual runs in places like the Espace Killy can feel slightly featureless. One if the joys of the three valleys, and particularly skiing in La Tania, is that you get reliable snow at lower altitudes below the tree line. One of the best examples of this is the Folyères run in La Tania, which is surely one of the prettiest in the 3 valleys.

Starting from the top of the La Tania bubble lift, you head down to the right past the Dou des lanches lift to the top of this stunning piste. Standing at the top of the rise, the run drops away into the trees with a steep first section. Less confident skiers often head to the right hand side, whereas the slightly steeper gradient on the left is a good challenge for more advanced riders. Evergreen firs on either side line the way.

After that steeper first section the run settles onto an easier gradient and snakes through the trees for a couple of hundred metres before bearing right for another slightly steeper section. The best snow here is often on the right hand side in the channel between the snow cannons and the edge of the piste.

1560476_751334314877155_32223406_nAt this point those who want to can cut across through a gap in the trees to the bottom of the Bouc Blanc lift but for those heading down into the town, keep to the left. You go over another little rise and then drop down again allowing you to pick up some speed once more. On the left hand side there is space between the edge of the piste and the trees that often has some good powder as well as a few small natural jumps that are often popular with boarders.

The run carries on that way right to the top of the nursery slope – take care with your speed here, especially with many children around. This section can get busy at peak times but the snow cannons ensure the run stands up well to use, even on weeks without snow.

You are now entering La Tania itself. You have the option to veer left round the bottom of the Troika drag lift to enjoy a well earned Après-Ski drink at the Ski Lodge or if you’re not done yet, carry on down under the bridge  to return to the foot of the La Tania gondola ready to start all over again!

This Guide was written by our Resort Rep Rob Bartlett.

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