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Music to ski to

mixtapeI was looking through my wifes old CD’s and I came across this mixtape (CD) that her Ex had made. Reassuringly it must be fairly old as it is on a CD, and we all know that a portable CD player was possibly the worse thing to listen to music on when doing anything active. Misgivings about the Discman aside I decided that this Muisc To Ski To compilation deserved a chance. So I have created a Spotify playlist, imagined myself skiing in the 3 Valleys and reviewed each tracks suitability to ski to. Let me know what you think of the Album below.

Track 1: Jacksnoville by Sufjan Stevens

This tracks mellow sound and gentle beat is probably suited for an early morning stroll to get first lifts followed by a slow warm up run on a sunny day.

Track 2: No Cars Go – Arcade Fire

I can definitely imagine sweeping down a big wide piste making massive turns that really work the legs with this track playing in my head.

Track 3: Jesus etc by Wilco

This isn’t a song that really fits any style of skiing. I would probably wouldn’t ski to this one unless I was trying to get a nap in on a chair.

Track 4: Sunday Smile by Beirut

Possibly one for the transfer coach home when you have the going home blues a bit to melancholy for a fun day on the hill.

Track 5: Old Dan Tucker by Bruce Springsteen

A nice little uplifting song that could help get you going after one of those long lunch stop that makes you feel like maybe you should skip the afternoon and go straight to Apres.

Track 6: I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gay

A classic song that doesn’t really feel like it should be on a skiing playlist, maybe listen to it in a long cat track with some internal singing!

Track 7: Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

It may be about a big city but the big sound of this track makes you feel like you could be stood on the top of a mountain with an awesome view. I also like the thought having a big stack in some fresh powder and lying there while listening to the lyrics “I’ve made a lot of mistakes”.

Track 8: Une Année Sanse Lumiere by Arcade Fire

A rough translation of this song is A year with no light which is apt as listening to this song is a bit like what it feels like to ski in flat light. It starts out a feeling a bit faster that it actually feels, then at the end speeds right up as you come down the hill into some better light.

Track 9: Lately by David Gray

You would have to really hate skiing to put this on a music to ski to mixtape (CD).

Track 10: Frontin by Jamie Cullun

Purely from a skiing point of view, this track doesn’t work! I just can’t imagine skiing to with this in my ears. It would be even worse if it was on Disckman and skipping all the way through.

Track 10: In Repair by John Mayer

A wind down song that could ease you thorough the last run of the day back to your chalet and into the hot tub.

Track 11: Nantes by Beirut

Another one for the transfer bus home.

Track 12: Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John Bjórn


This is a great tune to ride to. I can imagine listening to this while hooning down a freshly groomed piste and taking off on a few natural rollers while bobbing my head in-time to the music on the way!

Track 13: Let’s Get It on by Marvin Gaye

A great song. But the only time I ever envisage listening in relation to skiing is in my head during an imagined comedic scene where I get seduced by an instructor in a empty ski lift. Although I do also Imagine this to be on Graham Bell’s Music To Ski To album.

Track 14: Better Together by Jack Johnson

This is a tune for an spring ski day where it is hot, the snow is a bit slushy and all the bars are firing up the BBQs.

Track 15: Those Sweet Words by Nora Jones

Sadly, in my option, another one for the transfer bus home. This song isn’t really a song for skiing to, unless you have just broken up with you partner on your ski trip.

Track 16: Firesuite by Doves

I suppose I could ski down down a hill listening to this song but I don’t think I want to.

One line review

There really isn’t enough songs that encapsulate the feeling of skiing on this mixtape (CD) with to many down beat tracks that would work against the mood created when out in the mountains.

What are your thoughts? Could you make a better mixtape (CD)? Tell us below or leave a comment on our Facebook page.