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Thanks for my love of skiing mum

dry slope skiing alpine action

Thanks Mum

As a family we never went on a ski holiday. My first experience of skiing was with the Scouts when we went to Plymouth dry ski slope, when I was 12, for a day. A few years later, when I was 16, I persuade my Mum to save up her hard earned money, combined with donation from grandparents, to send me on a the annual school ski trip to Bulgaria. It was so much fun, I loved all aspects of the mountains. I think I may have even snuck of with some pals to experience my first après ski!

More years passed then a friend suggested we do a ski season. My mum supported me and drove me to the interview. She even refused to help me bake the all-important interview cake. I got the job on my own merits, lesson learned. She did help me packed my bags. She didn’t wave the coach off as I departed for 6 months away from home. I wonder if she knew that I was on my way to Meribel for the first of many winters in the Alps?

Borovets skiing school trip

I don’t think I would have said yes about the ski season if my Mother hadn’t sent me on a ski trip when I was young. I have since spent 15 happy years working in the ski industry, some people even call it a career. So thanks mum for the opportunity you gave me when I was growing up to experience something that I loved and has become part of my life.

Thanks Mum.

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