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Since it started I have watched the Winter Olympics non-stop. This has meant that I have been exposed to a lot of Curling. The reason for this is that it has two strong teams from Great Britain in it, therefore the BBC have made the decision to show every second of it. Had I been born in Norway I would be watching a lot of Cross Country. Even worse, if I had been born in Canadian I would be watching a lot more Ice Hockey.

The BBC have been keen to convince us that we #lovecurling, and for a while I did or maybe I do #confused. I started to question my dedication to the sport. During the many ski seasons I have done I have never thought, “It would be great to do some Curling”. On every holiday to Meribel that I have ever been on, I don’t think I have ever looked at the Olympic torch and thought, “maybe I won’t ski today, let’s try curling”. And the only chance I have ever really had to Curl was at the London Ski Show, but I turned the offer down. Saying all that the other day I did search for online Curling games.

I have still spent a lot of time watching it, I have found myself supporting Eve Muirhead and her team. I have cheered, winced and felt their pain. But then it occurred to me… Do I #lovecurling or is it because it is always on? In the same way that I know characters names and their relationships in Eastenders, because my partner watches it and I end up watching with her. If I never saw ‘Enders again my life would remain the same.


Maybe the BBC should try some less catchy but more accurate hashtags #watchingcurlingasnothingbetterison, #lovecurlingbecausetheBBCtellmeto, #lovecurlingbutjustwaitingforsomeskiingtostart.

Will I watch curling once the Games are over? Probably not, but that is the point of the Olympics, to stir interest in the unusual. Will I watch the Curling in 4 years’ time? Absolutely. #lovecurlingfortwoweeksoruntillGBgetsknockedout.

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