Three Valleys Snow Report – Week Ending 8/3/14

Three Valleys Snow Report – Week Ending 8/3/14

They say that the 1st of March is the 1st day of Spring. For guests arriving last Saturday the old saying proved to be spot on.

From stepping out of the arrivals hall on Saturday through to the journey back today, we have had 4.5 days of the best weather imaginable, with just enough snow over Monday and Tuesday to keep the pistes in the best condition. In fact, conditions on Thursday and Friday were so good that those with weary legs towards the end of the week were as likely to be found sunning themselves on the terrace at one of the mountain restaurants as they were to be carving their way down the pistes.

Great as those kind of conditions are, they can sometimes be slightly bittersweet for those who come the following week. In the mountains in Winter, you know that overcast periods and snow will return sooner or later. Fortunately for those arriving today, forecasters predict that it will be later.

In fact, as things stand we are predicted to have a whole week of blue skies and sunshine ahead of us. Temperatures will be unseasonably mild during the day but still cold overnight . Beautiful.

If you fancy having a play in this snow check out our website for all our latest offers. On some holidays we are offering up to 50% off.

This weeks report was written by our Resort Rep Rob Barttlet.

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