Skiing and snowboarding is all about anticipation

Skiing and snowboarding is all about anticipation

I am writing this at the end of the winter ski season,  which I have been anticipating for a while. As soon as it starts you start waiting for it to end. There is only one other sport that compares to the constant longing for the next thrill that you find with skiing and snowboarding and that is surfing. In some respects surfing has a more detailed set of things to anticipate as once you have overcome the wait for good waves you have the wait for the right one.

Now as the season in the Three Valleys comes to an end I have a decision to make, wait a bit or wait a bit longer. I am of course referring to the next time I get some snow under my feet. I know I will have to wait untill December to get back out the my spiritual home of Meribel. But there are other options. I could go to New Zealand, get a job instructing at one of the indoor slopes or maybe head out to a glacial reort like Tignes for the summer?

I am a planner and I would have made these decisions long ago if I was going to do then. That means I have a summer of anticipation ahead of me. Even more so as I plan to surf as much as I can this summer. It is a good job that both these pursuits are pleasurable as the constant anticipation could wear me down.

There is lots to wait for with skiing. First is that as of spring we all now have to wait for winter. During that time there is a lots to fill the mind. There is the anticipation of the signs that the winter season is on the way, the first is the start of the UK ski shows. If any will be worth attending is hard to gauge but they have all seen improvements in the last few years. Once those are over we can start to look forward to the resorts opening.

The next wait is for the first snowfall. Many people use this as an indicator to the season ahead but often this can be a false indicator. As the British know all to well weather is unpredictable. But what ever the conditions the resorts will open at the beginning of December, the resort staff will arrive throw open the chalet shutter and welcome their first guest. And from then on all there is to do is anticipate the next epic day on the mountains, the next bluebird day, the next awesome Apres ski party and of course the end of the season.

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